Webinars Charting Paths Forward for Open Access Publishing by Learned Societies

The Society Publishers Coalition (SocPC) and Transitioning Society Journals to Open Access (TSPOA) developed webinars about the changing face of society journal publishing. 

See our announcement about the three-part webinar series.

The series is intended to help foster the transition of learned society journals to open access by contextualizing their role within a changing scholarly communications landscape, increasing awareness of their publishing practices and operational needs, and engaging the broader community of publishing stakeholders in discussions and decision-making about how best to support society publishing in an open access landscape. 

Webinar 1: Understanding Learned Societies (20 Nov. 2019)


Webinar 2: Funding Pathways for Learned Society Open Access Publishing (6 Dec. 2019)


Webinar 3: Engaging Societies & Society Journals in Transitioning to Open Access (12 Dec. 2019)