Library Publishing Partners

What are library publishers?

Many research and academic libraries are open access publishers, providing scholars with the services and tools required to produce quality research. Ask your university library if they offer these services. Additionally, the Library Publishing Coalition is a membership organization made up of library publishers.

Some library publishers accept journals from beyond their campus. We have listed some that we know below. Did we miss your program? Contact us to be added.

Sample library publishers

Michigan Publishing at the University of Michigan is home to more than 35 online, open access journals publishing peer-reviewed scholarship in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. To discuss publishing a journal with Michigan Publishing, please contact journals coordinator Sean Guynes ( or schedule a meeting here.

The University Library System, University of Pittsburgh publishes open access peer reviewed journals from a variety of fields, focusing on “flipping” journals from subscription or print-only models to online open access. Visit our publications list to see our journals and find out more about joining our program at our website.

University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing Services publishes peer-reviewed journals across multiple disciplines. To learn more about publishing options for scholarly societies, visit our website or contact *Requires a UMN affiliate have close ties with the society/publication. 

The Iowa State University Digital Press publishes peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings in disciplines represented in Iowa State University’s research and curricular programs. For more information about our publishing program, please visit our website or contact our Scholarly Publishing Services Librarian.

California Digital Library, University of California, publishes over 80 open access, scholarly journals across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. To learn more about publishing with eScholarship, please contact our publications manager, Rachel Lee (