OA Society Journals

Information about OA Society Journals

News & information

Crowd-sourced news and information about OA society journals via the OA Tracking Project (OATP) tag for “oa.societies”. See also OATP boolean tag library “oa.conversions” for news about journals that have converted or transitioned to OA.

Journal Declarations of Independence

OA Directory’s list of journals whose editors have resigned in order to launch a comparable journal with a friendlier publisher or less-restrictive access policies. See also crowd-sourced news and tracking on this topic via the OATP tag for “oa.declarations_of_independence.”

Societies and Open Access Research (SOAR) Project

The goal of the Societies and Open Access Research (SOAR) project is to maintain a comprehensive catalog of full (non-hybrid) OA journals published by scholarly societies. For this purpose, a society’s relationship to its OA journals might be that of owner, publisher, or partner with the publisher. The project home page lists recommended readings on OA for society journals.