Funding & Transition Guides

Converting Scholarly Journals to Open Access: A Review of Approaches and Experiences

Systematic review of literature on journal flipping or distinguished the different pathways, methods, or scenarios for journal flipping. (Unabridged version; for article-length work, see immediately below.)

How subscription‐based scholarly journals can convert to open access: A review of approaches

An abridged version of the systematic review referenced above, this article accounts for the ways through which subscription‐based scholarly journals have converted to open access.

Declaring Independence by SPARC

Letter from an editor with guide to flipping from subscription to OA.

Guide to Transitioning Journals to Open Access Publishing

From the University of California’s systemwide Office of Scholarly Communication, this guide is designed to help stakeholders understand basics about journal ownership, operations, and funding models, and to begin gathering important information necessary for OA publishing decision-making.

Checklist for Consultations About Transitioning Journals to OA

Also part of the UC’s Office of Scholarly Communication journal transition toolkit, this checklist is for libraries and institutions to help facilitate consultations & conversations about journal operations, finances, and strategies.

Pathways to Open Access Toolkit

University of California Libraries’ analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of each OA journal funding model and strategy.